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Thank you for visiting the official website of DJ/Producer Triquatra.

New tracks and mixes can be found in the download section along with re-upped legal CD downloads.
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Styles attempted (to varying degrees of success) are varied : Breakbeat Hardcore to Chillout, from House and Glitch to Drum N Bass and Happy Hardcore and bits and bobs all over the place.


Latest News



Escapism (Forthcoming on CD Compilation 'N.E.M.M') - A slice of 90s inspired 'Freeform' forthcoming exclusively on Smiling Corpse's latest CD Compilation "N.E.M.M.
Celestia (Triquatra Remix) (Forthcoming CLSM) - My Breakbeat remix of Aryx's freeform track 'Celestia'. Featuring a brief Doodles cameo! Had some fun with the drums here.
In progress / Awaiting clip upload: Triquatra - Saving Grace (UK Hardcore Remix) (In progress, 60% ish)
Once Saving Grace is out of the way I will be re-producing my original tracks pre-2010, and having them properly mastered.

**Out Now**

Totally free! Saving Grace is a cover version of an awesome Beatpusher track of the same name. With Doodles on vocals, It can be downloaded in the PPF3 album linked blow: Free
A Pengo inspired UK Hardcore track, had some fun remixing this one! Dutch happycore hoovers and some pizzicato stabs toward the end of the clip! Buy
Some Breakbeat Hardcore/DnB/Jungle/Speedcore shinanigans here, as I was in the mood to mess about! Buy
As featured on Hardcore Underground 6, 'Feel It' is actually a track I made back in 2010 but sat on my harddrive gathering dust for quite a while! True story. Buy


I've always wanted to make a Dutch Hardcore/Gabber track. I don't think it'll be something I do again soon, after the headache wore off I was left with this.. Download
With the kind permission of UFO Here is my remix of the mighty "Ravechief" as featured on Bonkers 3! You'll never beat the original! Download
A Chillout/Ambient track I wrote back in 2005, but didn't get completed until 2011! This is the 2014 rework as mentioned earlier as I give them one final update, in production, engineering and mastering. Download


Live on vinyl, B2b with DJ DMS and MC Scotty G at 'Stomp' In Leeds, 2013 Download
Vinyl mix + new CD Deck (So I went a little crazy on the scratching tip...was enjoying scratching on a CD Deck for once, strange and new! Stomp Promo, 2013 Download


2015, The World Of Cuttlefish - Quite Happy (*UNRELEASED* The World of Cuttlefish, Freebie, Shameless Bootleg)
2015, The World Of Cuttlefish Vs Bee Trax - Beelieve (*UNRELEASED* The World of Cuttlefish, Freebie, Triquatra Original)
2014, DJs Unite - Vol 1 (IckZee Mix) (Bee Trax, Version 1.4a, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, N-Fluenza - Salty Goo (Bee Trax, Version 1.3a, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, Triquatra - Final Act (Scarred Digital 058, Original, vocals sung by R. Smith)
2014, Slugulus Eructo - Luna (Bee Trax, Version 1.2b, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, Syntimbre - Ce N'est Pas Syntone (Bee Trax, Version 1.2a, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, Electrified Tuckshop - Epiphany (Bee Trax, Version 1.1b, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, Missing Clan - Game Masterz (Bee Trax, Version 1.1a, Freebie, Bootleg)
2014, Triquatra - The Nozzle (CLSM, additonal words spoken by R. Smith)
2014, Aryx - Celestia (Triquatra Remix) (Forthcoming CLSM, Additional vocals sung by D. 'Doodles' Smith)
2014, Triquatra Feat Doodles - Saving Grace (Freebie, Cover, Vocals sung by D. 'Doodles' Smith)
2014, Cruze - Beatific (Triquatra Remix) (Trackmaster Music Digital)
2014, Triquatra - The Worlds End (Freebie, Original)
2013, Triquatra - The Secret Life Of Wonderman (Freebie, Youtube only)
2013, UFO and Ramos - Ravechief (Triquatra Remix)
2012, Triquatra - Winterbourne (Freebie, Original)
2011, Triquatra - Hardcore Party For Everybody (Freebie, Youtube Only)
2011, Triquatra - Adagio (Freebie, Bootleg)
2011, Triquatra - Feel It (Released 2013, CLSM, Original, Vocals sung by D. 'Doodles' Smith)
2009, Triquatra - Blue Midnight (Freebie, Original)
2009, DJ Triquatra - Flux (NSR Records, Original)
2008, DJ Triquatra - Sleep (Finnished Mix) (Freebie, Bootleg)
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